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Permanent Dental Implants

Natural and durable solution for your missing teeth: Get aesthetic and functional smiles with dental implants.

Dental implants are an effective solution that provides permanent and natural-looking teeth to replace lost teeth. An implant screw made of titanium is placed in the jawbone and a porcelain-coated tooth is placed on it. This method allows you to regain your missing teeth both aesthetically and functionally. The dental implant treatments we offer in our clinic are meticulously planned and applied by our expert dentists. Customized treatment plans for each patient ensure the most accurate placement of implants and subsequent care. In this way, the closest appearance and function to natural teeth is achieved. With dental implants, you can protect your oral structure, improve your chewing functions and positively affect your facial aesthetics. To achieve a healthy smile and improve your quality of life, contact our clinic and get detailed information about dental implant treatment.