Lung Transplantation in Turkey

Prof. who performed the first successful lung transplant in Turkey in 2009. Dr. Cemal Asım Kutlu broke new ground with the transplant he performed on a lung cancer patient.


For the first time in Turkey, a lung transplant operation was performed on a patient with lung cancer. Prof., who performed the first successful lung transplant in Turkey in 2009. Dr. With the transplant carried out by the team headed by Cemal Asım Kutlu, Turkey's name became one of the few countries that have made successful applications in this field.

Thoracic Surgery Specialist from the Turkish delegation in Malaysia, within the framework of the International Transplant Network, which is carried out under the coordination of the Turkish Organ Transplant Foundation (TONV) and in cooperation with the Organ Transplant Coordinators Association (ONKOD), Liver Transplant Association, Medical Law Association and Turkish Intensive Care Association. Prof. Dr. Kutlu gave information to the AA reporter about lung transplantation.

Explaining that the rate of lung transplantation is low among all transplantations, and that the transplantation option is evaluated in cases where the lung disease threatens the person's life and in patients with respiratory failure, Kutlu said that lung transplantation is rarely used in patients with COPD, inflammatory lung diseases, lung hardening and unknown causes of increases in lung pressure, as well as rarely in lung cancer patients. He stated that it could be done.

Prof. Dr. Kutlu emphasized that world examples of transplantation in lung cancer patients are very limited. Underlining that such patients do not have any other treatment option, Kutlu said, "There is a possibility that these diseases may relapse after lung transplantation. For this reason, the application rate in the world is low. This transplant was performed in the USA, England and Australia. Some examples have shown serious success." showed that it was achieved.” said.

Our patient returned to her normal life after 3 months

Kutlu, who gave the good news that a transplant was performed on a patient with lung cancer for the first time in Turkey, said that 44-year-old D.A., who underwent the transplant, had lung surgery approximately 5.5 years ago.

Prof. stated that during the operation, it was determined that the patient had a special type of lung cancer and a piece of his right lung was removed. Dr. Kutlu said that the disease relapsed after a while. Kutlu continued as follows:

"Our patient was in the final stage because this type of lung cancer is a rare type that tends to stay within the lung, grow out of a very focal point, and stay within the lung and not spread throughout the body, but the disease progressed in both lungs and severe respiratory failure developed. Meanwhile, the patient received intensive oncology treatment." However, all that was done could only slow down the course of the disease.

While we were considering another treatment option for our patient, the possibility of lung transplantation arose. We made a lot of research and conducted international consultations to determine whether this would be appropriate or not. "After all the examinations, we decided that our patient may be suitable for lung transplantation."

He is being followed up and his health condition is very good now.

Stating that D.A.'s condition worsened immediately after his name was written on the transplant waiting list of the Ministry of Health, Kutlu stated that the patient started to be given additional supportive treatment. Kutlu pointed out that a treatment called ECMO, in which oxygen intake is provided from the machine, was started, and a suitable lung was found on the third day of this application.

Kutlu told D.A. that the transplant was made as a result of the collaboration of Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosman Paşa Hospital and Kartal Koşuyolu Hospital teams and said:

"On December 30, 2016, we performed the first lung transplant on a lung cancer patient in Turkey with our team. It was a successful application. Our patient was removed from ECMO at the end of the surgery, and from the respirator two days later, and an intensive physiotherapy program was applied. Our patient was transferred approximately three months later. "He returned to his normal life. He is being followed up and his health condition is now very good. We hope that he will live for many years without recurrence and set an example for many patients to follow."

Emphasizing that D.A. said "Hello" to the new year with a new lung, Kutlu stated that both the patient and his family and the entire team who performed the operation were very happy.


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